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We are proud to introduce the ability to copy the buy-trades of any followed account in Tokemon.

Using Tokemon, when a wallet you follow buys a token, you copy them — like a good Ape!

When you have configured a wallet to follow (to get Telegram notifications of their trades), you are now given the option to buy every token they buy.

If you are not a great…

Tokemon is all about allowing you to make informed and faster trading decisions. To that end, we have now added the ability to execute trades directly from telegram.

How to buy coins directly from Telegram

Now you can copy and paste token addresses directly from the user interface into a chat with our telegram bot, and purchase…

After some time of development and testing, it’s finally the time to announce the big news: Tokemon now supports the PancakeSwap exchange on the BSC blockchain.

The following features are among the many newly implemented for the PancakeSwap exchange:

  • Real time token monitoring (Dashboard)
  • Simple & Complex querying (Dashboard)
  • Advanced…

We’ve received a lot of questions lately asking what the roadmap for Tokemon is. Let’s answer that here.

We’re going multi-chain (get it)

Tokemon is a working product with many happy users. We like to make those users into rich gem hunters by adding features — where feasible — as they request them (join our…

With so many tokens on Uniswap it can be overwhelming identifying which are the ones to keep an eye on. One shortcut to this problem is to follow what other traders are doing.

Note: there are actually two types of wallets in Tokemon — trading wallets and followed wallets. Trading…

In a bull market, finding small cap coins before others can be the difference between a 2x and a 20x. Tokemon collects and calculates real-time and historical information about tokens and helps you find gems before anyone else.

When you first log in you will be greeted by a large…

This is just the beginning.


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