Binance Smart Chain (PancakeSwap) Support & Architecture Updates

3 min readApr 19, 2021

After some time of development and testing, it’s finally the time to announce the big news: Tokemon now supports the PancakeSwap exchange on the BSC blockchain.

The following features are among the many newly implemented for the PancakeSwap exchange:

  • Real time token monitoring (Dashboard)
  • Simple & Complex querying (Dashboard)
  • Advanced per-token stats (Dashboard)

What is still in testing is the telegram notification bot (there will be a separate bot for the BSC gems) and the trading bot, which are both in final stages of testing BSC support. As always we are trying to innovate quickly, but accurate data and safety are the things we also pay special attention to.

We are proud that we’re one of the few tools that support BSC and PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap recently overtook Uniswap in trading volume and it is one of the fastest growing exchanges around.

We believe that Tokemon offered for BSC will have a lot of utility in your journey of gem finding. For the trading bot, there is more room to “play” at PancakeSwap, because of the low transaction fees that BSC offers.

Dashboard changes overview
PancakeSwap token

Amount of TKMN Needed

To use the BSC and PancakeSwap related features, you will need to be on Plan Aggregator — which requires 4 TKMN tokens.

Architecture Changes

Here is some information that might be interesting for the nerds and developers out there — if you read between the lines, it also indicates what features we will be adding in future

Due to the fast block time (3 seconds) and relatively larger data volume, to integrate BSC and PCS we had to do few architectural changes to support it. This was a challenge for token parsing, because there are usually ~20–30 PancakeSwap related transactions in a block. This means for each block we need to parse the transactions and fetch data for ~20–30 tokens from multiple different data sources in less than 3 seconds. With a bunch of parallel processing techniques we reduced block time processing to < 1 second.

We also further generalised our architecture. This generalisation, as well as fast block processing, will allow us to easily support some other popular AMMs, which is part of our recently released roadmap. QuickSwap and SushiSwap are part of the list.

Enabling multiple exchanges opens the door for more feature ideas and implementations which will improve the analytics as well as the trading experience. For example with multiple different exchanges supported, we can easily spot arbitrage opportunities.

That was a quick insight into the future and what’s coming next (after the BSC trading bot is fully released of course).

Tokemon can be accessed by purchasing $TKMN. The number of tokens you hold determines the features available ( ‘pricing plans’)

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