Finding Gems With Tokemon

The token table lists all tokens traded in the last 7 days and that match any filter criteria. The table automatically updates with new information.
  • Liquidity on exchange
  • Token reserves on exchange (in ETH too)
  • Number of holders of token
  • Price change, with respect to the most recent trade of the token, over the preceding 3, 15, and 60 min
  • Price change in the last 24H, with respect to the current time and price
  • Current price with respect to the previous 24 high and low
  • The last trade ‘Updated’ made on this token
  • If the token contract is verified
  • The token market cap (if known)
  • The age of the token (measured in blocks)
The token table updates instantly and continuously according to your filter criteria.

Token Table Scanning

Once you have created a basic filter to narrow the thousands of tokens down to ones that you are interested in, you can use the in-line quick plots to check the price action and number of holders, and how that has changed in the last hours/days.

The number of holders of the token in the last 2H.
The 72H price history for the token. Beside you can click to see the 2H price history.

Advanced Token Analysis

After clicking on the token name from the token table, you will be taken to an advanced analysis page where we display more graphs to understand how and why the price of a token has changed, and if it is a good purchase or not.

Plots showing the change in price, holders and transactions over time.


One of the most powerful features of Tokemon is the ability to create custom filters and rapidly scan tokens to find ones which match your risk tolerance. In doing this, you can be early, safe, or anywhere in between, and maximise your profit in Crypto.



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