Tokemon Roadmap

2 min readApr 15, 2021


We’ve received a lot of questions lately asking what the roadmap for Tokemon is. Let’s answer that here.

We’re going multi-chain (get it)

Tokemon is a working product with many happy users. We like to make those users into rich gem hunters by adding features — where feasible — as they request them (join our telegram and ask for features). A quarterly roadmap would not be fair to our users — we want to listen to their needs and implement things quickly because the market changes fast.

That said, these are the larger features we are already working on and towards, and will be appearing soon.

  1. BSC / Pancakeswap Support
    Work under the hood has been ongoing for the last weeks and very soon you will be able to hunt for gems, create custom searches, and use the normal token measurements and plotting tools for BSC / Pancakeswap tokens.
  2. Other ETH Chain Swaps
    The work required to implement BSC support means it will be easy to also support for Sushiswap and others.
  3. Continued Improvement to Token Metrics
    These are the features we happily add in response to user requests, but those already in-progress are;
    * market cap and other coingecko metrics
    * historical holder distribution: see how the size of holders has changed over time — are whales or minnows buying
    * average buy-in price (per holder size) — are whales or minnows underwater, and who has stronger hands?
    * … and much more, suggestions welcome
  4. Improved Bot trading actions, partial-buys and partial-sells (take profit steps)
  5. Bot-wallet copytrade. Buy (for example) 1 ETH every time a followed wallet buys a (new) token
  6. Bot trading remote control. Ape into coins quickly from Telegram ‘buy 1 0x123…789_uniswap
  7. Discord bot for trading groups.

Tokemon can be accessed by purchasing $TKMN. The number of tokens you hold determines the features available ( ‘pricing plans’)

For more information: