Trading From Telegram

2 min readMay 7, 2021

Tokemon is all about allowing you to make informed and faster trading decisions. To that end, we have now added the ability to execute trades directly from telegram.

How to buy coins directly from Telegram

Now you can copy and paste token addresses directly from the user interface into a chat with our telegram bot, and purchase tokens in a matter of seconds. We have also made sure that there are buttons to copy addresses from Tokemon’s user interface everywhere you see a token.

Copy token addresses easily from the token table or any other time a token is seen.

Extensive Trading Bot Documentation

To help new users with the Trading bot we have also moved all our documentation over to Gitbook and rewritten it to make it easier to understand.

Extensive trading bot documentation

The new documentation also includes a section on trading from telegram.

Tokemon can be accessed by purchasing $TKMN. The number of tokens you hold determines the features available ( ‘pricing plans’)

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