Wallets and Wallet Following With Tokemon

Inspecting Wallet Balances

From the ‘Wallets and Accounts’ page you can see an overview of all configured wallets, including trading and followed wallets.

Trading and followed wallets and relevant actions (circled)
Token table containing only tokens from the selected wallet.

Setting Token Notifications

Clicking on the ‘binoculars’ icon will bring you to the token notification page where you can configure how Tokemon should send you a message when the price of the token changes by the configured amount.

Settings control how price must change before notifying you.

Setting Wallet Notifications

If you like the look of the performance of all tokens in the user’s wallet, and you believe the user to be a good gem hunter, you can also configure to be notified on telegram every time they make a trade.

Configurable trade thresholds for telegram messages.


Tokemon is more than a tool for gem finding. It can be used to evaluate other traders portfolios and use their behavior as alpha to advise your own.



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